Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)

This is a sight threatening disease commonly associated with old age. It causes loss of central vision and is the leading cause of registered vision impairment for people over 50 in the western world.

There are two types

  • Wet ARMD: this is an aggressive type, which reduces your vision quickly. There is some treatment for this type. Please contact us for further information.

  • Dry ARMD: this is more common and has a slow progression. The central vision distorts over time making reading and discerning detail more difficult. There is no treatment for this type of ARMD. However, latest findings show that by using supplements and/or changing your diet may help to reduce the risk of progression and even the onset of dry ARMD

We recommend that anyone worried about this please contact us for a specific analysis of what is best suited for you.

Recommendations for ARMD.

If you are interested in private specialist treatment for Macula Degeneration then please contact our colleagues at The Medical Eye Clinic.

I CAPS: this is the world’s leading brand for vitamin supplements which is recommended by consultant ophthalmologists all over the country. It was carefully developed for your needs to try and reduce the risk of ARMD.

Diet: In general a good balanced diet with particular attention to dark green vegetables is required. What you need is Lutein, which is found in the following table of foods (this list is not exhaustive at all)

Wear sunglasses: Ultra-violet light is a cause. We have a large range of fully protective eyewear, visit us to see the whole range or click here.

Stop smoking: indicated.

For printable chart please click here


Food mg/serving
Kale (raw) 33.8/1 cup
Kale (cooked) 22.1/1 cup
Turnip Greens (cooked) 18.1/1 cup
Collard Greens (cooked) 17.2/1 cup
Spinach (fresh, raw) 15/1 cup
Spinach (cooked) 6.7/1 cup
Broccoli 3.4/1 cup
Corn (cooked) 2.9/1 cup
Green Peas (canned) 2.3/1 cup
Lettuce (Cos or Romaine) 2.3/1 cup
Lettuce (Iceberg) 0.6/1 cup
Brussels sprout (cooked) 2.3/1 cup
Corn (canned) 1.4/1 cup
Eggs (two) 0.5/2 medium
Green Beans 0.76/cup
Orange Juice 0.50/12oz
Oranges 0.49/2 medium
Papayas 0.45/2 medium