BLEPHARITIS: this is inflammation of the eyelid margins. The eyelids feel sticky especially in the morning and it can cause a dry/gritty sensation in the eye. Also the sensation of watery eyes is common. Initial treatment is with lid hygiene exercises.

We recommend that you follow this lid hygiene regime for 20 days.

  1. Cleaning the lid margins of both eyes every morning and ever night with SUPRANETTES. This is a sterile lid wipe especially designed for this purpose. Clean along the lid margins along the top and bottom lids, outside only.

  2. Hot lid Compressions. The Eye-Bag is a re-useable warm compress that heats up the eyelids and improves the efficiency of the meibomium glands, which are responsible for producing your tears. They are available from all our practices.

  3. If the eyes are gritty or dry, then Bill Opticians have a number of comfort drops, including SYSTANE and THEALOZ DUO which will alleviate these symptoms. These artificial tears are especially designed to last longer in the eye and increase comfort levels.

Following this regime will usually clear the problem. However it must be noted that this is a recurrent problem, which will probably have to be repeated in the future.

If this does not clear the problem then please make an appointment with us to investigate the problem further.