Children’s Eye Care

The development of your child’s eyes is so important that the NHS will fund regular eye examinations here at Bill Opticians. All our optometrists are fully qualified to test children’s eyes and the practice also has a specialist interest in pediatrics.

During a child’s ocular development there are many problems that go unnoticed by parents but if these problems are detected early they can be helped and in some cases completely resolved.

Should your child require spectacles we have an exciting range of children’s glasses. All of these are free of charge as they are covered under the NHS voucher scheme. We try to find the latest trends and fashions to help children feel up to date. New spectacles not only help vision but should ensure children feel that they look great too!

We also run specialized dyslexic clinics which involve coloured overlays and spectacles with special tints which could improve your child’s reading and writing skills. For more information on this please visit our colorimetery page.

Quite seriously, if your child is over 4 years old and has not yet had an eye test book an appointment today.