Colorimetry is a technique which uses specific colours to help with children’s reading difficulties, including dyslexia.

It appears to benefit approximately 40% of dyslexic sufferers. The coloured filters appear to be very specific to each individual and there are more than 2500 individual colour combinations that can be prescribed.

The colorimetry clinic is held one Saturday per month at the Newton Abbot practice with our specialist Hannah Stewart. The appointment would consist of a full orthoptic check (making sure the right and left eye muscles are well balanced and capable of tracking words on a page) and then a Colorimetry assessment would look at helping any reading problems with the coloured filters. If it is found that this does help then the prescribed colour can be put into a pair of spectacles. If it is not so clear whether the filters would help solve the reading issues then coloured overlays would be used on a temporary basis to continue the assessment.

Unfortunately there is no NHS funding for Colorimetry so you would need to pay privately.

The fees are as follows:

Full Initial Assessment – 30mins £60
Follow Up appointments – 30mins £60
Coloured Overlays
(this would then be refunded when the overlays are returned)
£2 per sheet
Spectacles complete with Colorimetry tint £100
Written Report £25