Contact Lenses



Ever thought about trying contact lenses but have been worried about what is involved? They are comfortable and easy to wear and at BILL Opticians you can try them free of charge.

Contact lenses are a great way to gain freedom from the restrictions of spectacles. They have many advantages over spectacles so if you are bothered by the weight of your glasses, fed up with them steaming up or find they get in the way playing sport then contact lenses could be for you.

A lifetime of contact lens wear.

At BILL opticians we offer a range of contact lens designs for all types of prescriptions. Over recent years there have been huge advances in contact lens design, so it is very rare for us to encounter a prescription that cannot be solved. We are completely independent and so are able to supply lenses from all the leading brands as well as from specialist prescription houses.

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At Bill Opticians we offer a complete contact lens care scheme. Where the prescriptions are suitable the packages cover all your contact lens related appointments, an annual eye examination to check the internal health of your eyes, a supply of contact lenses, contact lens cleaning solutions (excess charges may apply), and free replacement lenses should you damage yours.


Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Dailies are worn once and thrown away after use. They are ideally suited for occasional use or for those looking for convenience. They are available in a range of types to suit your individual needs and are the most hygienic approach to contact lens wear.

A good quality lens ideal as an entry level option. Great for occasional use or for short wearing times, for example, evenings out or sport.

Bill opticians recommends: Ascend 1-day extra

More advanced options. These contact lenses are made of materials that retain more moisture and allow more

oxygen to the eye during wear than the entry level options.

Bill opticians recommends: Ascend Comfort daily. Focus daily Aqua comfort plus. 1 Day Acuvue Moist. MyDay.

A technically superior contact lens that has been designed to stay moist and therefore more comfortable all day. Tthis is particularly good for people with drier eyes, who work in dry environments or use computers. They allow the highest levels of oxygen to the eyes to help your eyes stay white and healthy.

Bill opticians recommends: Dalies TOTAL 1. 1 day Acuvue Oasys.

Resuable Contact Lenses

These lenses can be worn for 2-4 weeks depending on which option is recommended by your optician. They are worn daily, removed, cleaned and reused. These lenses can provide a more cost effective option for those who wish to wear lenses every day.

A good quality lens in a standard material. This is a good entry level option for those not wanting to wear the lens all day every day.

Bill opticians recommends: Ascend Plus Monthly

This is a technically superior option that is disposed of monthly. It is an ideal option for everyday use. The material allows the highest levels of oxygen to the eye and retains more moisture than other lens options to help keep the eyes looking white and healthy.

Bill opticians recommends: Ascend Premier Monthly, AirOptix Monthly

Another technically superior option that can be changed every two weeks to provide improved ocular hygiene. They are ideal for everyday use and can be worn for extended periods. The material allows the highest levels of oxygen to the eye and retains more moisture than other lens options to help keep the eyes looking white and healthy.

Bill opticians recommends: Acuvue Oasys 2 Weekly

Specialist Contact Lenses

If you require an astigmatic or a multi focal option (to correct distance and near vision) Bill Opticians have a range of lenses to help solve these more complex problems. They are available in both daily and reusable formats and we are still very happy to offer you the opportunity to try these amazing lenses.

Whatever your prescription, book your FREE contact lens fitting appointment today!