Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears or the tear fluid evaporates too quickly. This leads to the front surface of the eye becoming dry which can cause inflammation and irritation.

The symptoms of dry eyes can vary and include feelings of dryness, grittiness and soreness, sometimes this gets worse though the day, red eyes, sticky or crusty eyelids when you wake up and fluctuation of the vision when you blink.

You may experience one or some of the typical dry eye symptoms. A simple test to determine if you have dry eyes is to blink 3 times and then count to 10 without blinking. If your eyes sting, feel sore, painful or water it is likely that you suffer from dry eye.

There are many factors which cause and influence dry eyes. General health conditions such as arthritis, some medications and certain lifestyle factors can cause dry eyes.

BILL opticians have the experience and equipment to investigate your dry eye and establish a personal management plan that could improve your symptoms and help your long term eye health.

The assessment is designed to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and the best treatment plan for you as an individual. Louise Green is our dry eye specialist and will discuss your symptoms and personal situation to tailor your treatment plan for you.