Tom Davies

“Bespoke Spectacles by Bill Opticians”

Glasses that are as unique as you are.

This life seems full of compromises and of course your spectacles are no different. Are they a bit big or a bit small, a bit heavy, too dark, too bright or just plain old boring? As if that is not enough half the time they don’t even fit properly!

Bill Opticians can now solve all these problems for you.

British designer Tom Davies has truly revolutionised the eyewear market. No longer do you have to compromise between glasses that are comfortable and those that fit with your personal style. Now there are glasses designed just for you.

Tom Davis is working closely with Bill Opticians and they now offer something truly rare to the eyewear world – custom made frames. This gives you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind frame, in perfect harmony with your facial features.

Bespoke frames are tailor-made for their customers, to every last detail. Bill Opticians are able to take frames from the Tom Davies collection and personalise them for you. Having your eyewear handmade enables Bill Opticians to ensure the fit and comfort of your spectacles is millimetre perfect. While they are re-designing your frame, they can also make the frame in a multitude of colours. Finally, they can design your frame around your optical requirements, making sure you not only look your best but that your vision is not restricted by the style you have chosen.

All their bespoke frames are precision-made in the Tom Davies workshop by hand. They are finished to the highest standard in high grade titanium and premium acetate. For more information on these beautifully crafted, bespoke frames please contact your nearest practice.

Why compromise?